Nigerians are sojourners and we have always assumed that our special recipes exist in almost all part of the world hence there’s a saying that ”there’s no part of the world you wouldn’t find a Nigerian”. Sadly, this write-up would definitely prove the general notion wrong. Nigerian recipes do not exist everywhere in the world. You may find Nigerian recipes in almost all the countries of the world but I can assure you that these special Nigerian recipes do not exist in all the regions or cities of a given country. This is so because Nigerians are not everywhere. shocking right? Keep reading.

Nigerian Recipes In saudi Arabia
Nigerian Recipes In Saudi Arabia-Brett H./Pixabay

I am a Nigerian in Saudi Arabia. I have been living in Saudi Arabia for the last 28 months. While entering Saudi Arabia in 2018, I was loaded with large quantities of Nigerian recipes in their varieties. Soon after the recipes I brought to Saudi Arabia finished, finding vendors or shops where I could be buying Nigerian recipes here became a thug of war. I was directed to look out for these Nigerian recipes in any Indian shops within my location because the Indians are likely to have most of the African and Nigerian recipes in the shops just like such is come in the UK and mostly in the European countries. However, the reverse was the case here.

Are There Nigerian Recipes In Saudi Arabia?

The response to the above question is ”YES and No!” Nigerian recipes exist in Saudi Arabia depending on your location. Should I say that I am unlucky to be currently living in a location in Saudi Arabia where my family is the only Nigerian family therein? No social interactions of any kind outside my family. This is because social life is zero per cent in this part of the world. You might want to learn more about this by watching my first video content on YouTube about my experience in Saudi Arabi titled Nigerians can survive anywhere

Places You can buy Nigerian Recipes in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has 13 regions and 118 governorates with the majority of the Saudi Arabian population living in the urbanized cities. However, most foreign workers are mainly posted to work in the regions that are far off from their most famous cities like Medina, Jeddah and the capital city Rydiah.

In the above listed popular cities, there are shops or private Nigerian recipes dealers. Nigerian food vendors or restaurants are common in the cities of Mecca. Unfortunately, non-muslims are not allowed to visit the city of Medina.

However, finding a Nigerian recipe shop in Jeddah was a tough one for me even though I was giving a personal contact to a dealer in Jeddah Mall. It was disappointing that I travelled 4 hours from my region to Jeddah though, I had other engagements I carried out in Jeddah but one of them was merely to locate a Nigerian recipes shop over there. Sadly on arriving at Jeddah Mall, I rang the supposedly dealers phone contact that I was given only for him to respond that he ran out of supplies because of the lockdown though, that was precisely in the month of October 2020.

You can also find a Nigerian recipe shop in a place called Karantina in Jeddah. Google map would greatly help anyone wishing to locate Karantina. Individual vendors or dealers of Nigerian recipes might exist in your region. Nigerians are hardworking as some of the Nigerians working here also bring in those Nigerian recipes for sale as an additional income source. They, however, help other Nigerians here enjoy our local recipes. However, prices of these Nigerian recipes from these individuals are relatively high as against what the prices are in Nigeria.

Nigerian Recipes You Should Bring When Coming To Saudi Arabia

Every Nigerian recipe you can lay your hands on or that can go in your luggage requirement is very important you grab them all. Why because it is as good as saying that there are zero Nigerian recipes in Saudi Arabia.

Nigerian Recipes In Saudi Arabia
Nigerian recipes In Saudi Arabia-Daniel Dan./Pixbay

Absolutely nothing of Nigerian recipes can be found in my location here in Saudi Arabia. I am in Al Amouyh, Makkah Province. It is also under the Tai’f Ministry of Health. As soon as I ran out of the Nigerian recipes I came with, it became difficult for me to find a Nigerian recipes shop. I was advised to look up these Nigerian recipes in Indian shops but sadly the only Nigerian recipe I could find here is just okra or okra.

It might surprise you that the listed Nigerian recipes below do not exist in Saudi Arabia. There are no;

  • semovita
  • garri
  • yam
  • Nigerian beans
  • sweet potatoes
  • plantain
  • red oil
  • milo- I only see this once in a blue moon in only one Indian shop here
  • egusi, ogbono, achi, whatever Nigerian soup thickeners
  • zero Nigerian spices too.
  • No stockfish, crayfish or dried Mangala fish

So from the above list, you can see that there are nothing of Nigerian recipes in Saudi Arabia. You have to gather as much as you can bring in or possibly pay for excess luggage to get them across here.

I may have omitted some Nigerian recipes that are included in the above-listed ones but I am certain I named more of these recipes in this video Nigerian recipes in Saudi Arabia

Are There churches in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is a core Islamic world. This means that it is totally an Islamic country. There are basically no official church services or programmes of any Christian denominations allowed in Saudi Arabia. A few numbers of Christian members in Saudi Arabia can have their meetings or prayer sessions online. Individuals can also have their individual or family prayers in their homes.

As a Christian living in Saudi Arabia with my family for the last 28 months, I have not been to any church as you wouldn’t even find any churches here. There are no English schools here or any form of social gathering outdoors talk more of churches. The major way people have recreations in this part of the world is by going to the shopping malls. The parks are usually very lonely that sometimes I wondered why the government would spend so much in putting those expensive facilities in the parks that no one visits. Churches simply do not exist here in Saudi Arabia. You learn more from this video on YouTube-Are there churches in Saudi Arabia?

I hope you find this writeup helpful. Thank you.

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