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What takes place when two people of the opposite sex look at each and instantly get attracted or have a kind of feelings of closeness towards each other is what we constantly referred to as ”love at first sight”. A woman’s physical physique which constitutes her height, complexion, facial beauty, and her shape may be that spontaneous force that captures a man’s attention to her.

However, there are more to physical attractiveness because a beautifully wrapped gift may likely have rotten content. There are more to what men look for in a woman order than mere physical makeup. This is because one of the most important decisions men make in their lifetime is having to commit to just ”one woman”, a woman they would like to spend the rest of their life with.

What men want in a woman is beyond appearances

There’s this popular saying that ”it’s hard to find a woman”, despite the constant false claim that ”women outnumbered men’s population in the world”. However, the latest UN report on population revealed that an estimated 50.4 percent of the world’s population were male and 49.6 percent female’,’ United Nation’s Ist Quater Demography Report, (2019). Why won’t any man cast his net in the ocean and fish as many fishes as he would love to have or make a pick out of many since there are many fishes in the ocean?

What exactly do men want in a woman?

Here are certain characteristics men want in their ideal woman:

Character: Who is she? Is she real or fake? Does she present herself to men the same way she would present herself while talking with her friends and family or she forms her expressions and virtually everything about herself including her eating habit in a restaurant and her accents? Men prefer her original.

A Wishy-washy woman: Men are turned off and do not like wasting their time with a woman who is not sure or does not know who she is or what exactly she wants. A woman who clearly understands what she wants does not bit around the bush or waste time with people that do not fit into her criteria. Men are attracted to women who are precise about who they are because men also fear being dumped or having a contender along the line.

Affection: Men are looking for that woman who has that soft feeling of tender attachment and caring. A woman who is emotional and very free with her offering of affection always captivates men. Men want a woman who will always reach out and grab their hands; they want a woman who will always huge and ask after their day’s activities; they want a woman who would come around and kiss them randomly. It strengthens the connections and invokes the feeling of being wanted. These make them want to constantly have you by their side.

Respect: Men wants a woman who respects herself. If a woman does not have any regards for herself it is obvious she won’t respect any man she is dating. A woman’s social media profile and wall posts are enough resumes for any man that wants to ask her out. Does she consider the contents of her posts, photos, and comments she put up on social media? All these puts together say a lot about her personality.

If she is that kind of a woman that celebrates every man’s birthday on Facebook, posting photos of where she is hugging man A, in a beach, kissing man B, in a social gathering and man C, holding her waist in a restaurant and different other images of unwanted displays with men. Women must understand that men are jealous and do not like such exposures or display with different men at all corners. They tend to associate girls with such behaviors as loose women who lack self-respect.

Learn to consider the implications of your displays and actions before dabbling into them. A woman with self-respect is not expected to be just everywhere, at all times doing everything with any man.

Is she ambitious? Men want a woman who is intelligent and mature in mind. A woman who is ambitious. A woman who has visions for tomorrow and would work very hard toward attaining that height. An intelligent and ambitious woman thinks critically and engages a man sensibly. she’s a woman with a passion to become successful in all her pursuit.

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A woman who desires him. Men want a woman who does not just need them but desire them. Most often a man may call a woman ”desperate”. This is simply because he feels insecure about the interest of that woman. He is in doubt whether the woman actually desires him or needs him for what has and not for who he is. These are exactly what men look for in a woman

11 Things Men Admire In A Woman

Some ladies pay more attention to their outward look believing that their physical appearance and artificial makeovers are what men are truly looking for in a woman. Far from it! Most men with taste and true understanding of what a lifelong relationship should be, are always looking far beyond a woman’s appearances to what comes from within. Let’s take you through to the 11 things men admire in a woman below:

1. Open-minded

It can be very boring to have a conversation with a woman who’s so blunt and not open to new ideas. Men admire a woman who’s curious and willing to try new things. A woman who’s free to express her feelings and thoughts. It is hard to deal with someone who’s locked up in her own views and wouldn’t accept another’s point of view. I’m certain that women also don’t cherish men who are so rigid and orthodox too.

2. Cheerful Look and Frequently smiling

Alright, who doesn’t appreciate a cheerful look and an amazing smile? Men admire and love to be with a woman who smiles a lot when necessary. It may be hard for a man to approach a beautiful gloomy-looking woman. Men are attracted to a woman who’s always wearing a cheerful look thus, ”smiling is definitely one of the best beauty remedies” says Mother Teresa.

3. Wearing Light Makeup Images

About 60% of women can’t do without wearing makeup. that’s great! If that’s what makes you feel beautiful to yourself. Wearing light makeup makes a woman looks more approachable and can easily be admired by men. It gives men the impression that you are an easygoing woman and not probably a soft woman trying to be someone else by masking up with heavy makeup. However, men are mostly in a haste and wouldn’t have that plenty of time having to wait for a woman to spend about 30 minutes adoring her face with heavy makeup. Men also prefer and are looking for that woman who wears light makeup.

4. When You Talk About Your Passion

Men admire you most when you talk about your interests and passions expressing so much enthusiasm towards achieving them. They see you as a strong, ambitious and independent woman. Men admire this in a woman.

5. Selflessness

A woman who’s willing to go out of her way just to ensure that others are happy, without worrying about what she stands to gain or lose by helping. This says a lot to men about her person. Men admire such a woman because she’s very concerned about others and does not focus all her attention on herself.

6. Your Body

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Men admire a woman who truly respects her body. A woman who maintains a healthy lifestyle in feeding herself with food that nourishes her physical appearance. They admire such a woman because they believe she will also encourage them to maintain a healthy living. Responsible men get turned off when a woman overly abuses her body with alcohol, drugs, and excessive relaxation. 

7. Supportive hands 

Men truly appreciate a woman who’s hardworking and capable of helping each other attain their success goal. No one wants a total liability in a man or in a woman. Men are looking for that woman who can assist them with a strong support system just like every woman admires this in her ideal man.

8. Empathy

Men are looking for a woman who will understand their nature of complexity. Any woman who’s able to observe, share and tolerate these differences attract men’s attention.

9. Honesty

A relationship is bound to fail when there’s no trust. Men want a woman who they can totally count on. No man wants a woman who’s always making him wondering, “what’s she up to?”

10. Sense Of Humor

One difficult person to relate with is someone who doesn’t have humor. A woman who is mean and takes everything to the extreme. It feels amazing to be with someone who’s funny, someone who cracks jokes and makes you laugh, even when you are having a hard time. I am certain that even women would love to hang around men like that too. Men admire a woman with a great sense of humor.

11. Compassion

Men are attracted to a compassionate woman. A woman who’s kind and cares about others, not a totally self-centered woman.

What men want in a relationship

It’s usually common for women to make a long list of all what they want in their ideal men. Most of the love magazines discuss issues about what women want in relationships; qualities of a good husband, how to make a woman happy and a whole lot of concerns about women. Some women even assume that men want similar things they want in a relationship. There might be a few similarities and variations as well. You will be surprised to read about what men truly want in a relationship below:


It’s sad to say that many people go into relationships that seem so convenient to them even when there is no strong attraction. You might end up losing the little attraction a man has for you if you play mind games with him or push him to the wall. This can happen if you are too demanding and desperate, then he’s likely going to lose his attraction for you. 

To maintain his attraction for you, and keep it strong, you have to respect yourself, be yourself and allow things to flow naturally. The attraction isn’t all about your appearance. It’s also about what comes from within you!
You are definitely showing him a red flag when you try rushing things in your relationship. Don’t force yourself to impress him, you just might end up scaring him away. Be positive, then he can feel positive too, and your relationship will flourish.


It may be true that men do not typically need as many verbal praises as women, being praised also boost their self-esteem and confidence. Let loose your praise! Offer him assurance about his attractiveness, sexual prowess, praise him for his career paths, and talk about his productiveness as your partner. Tell him exactly things you find attractive about him. Let him know he’s looking more handsome after a shave. Praise him when accomplished a certain task. Appreciate him when he takes you on a date. These wouldn’t make you less of a woman rather, it will make your man feel loved and increase happy moments in your relationship.


Men and women alike have their flaws and their loved ones can only help them to become better but there is a limit to how much you can. Men are created in their own ways and are not looking for a woman who will change them drastically. It can be annoying when they do things in their own ways ignoring that little thing that’s just second nature to you.

Don’t ever persuade your man to be a totally different person. No full-fledged man wants a woman who will act like his mother. You accepted to be in a relationship with him, therefore, don’t belittle him, just allow him to be who he is. Accept him for the uniqueness so that your relationship will be peaceful.


To some men, they want to be in a relationship because they want a partner. They want someone they can start a life with and make relevant decisions with. It doesn’t necessarily mean they want someone to have fun with or get intimate. When two people get into a partnership relationship, they live to support each other and share things in common. They value and respect each other’s opinion. Partnership in a relationship means “we do it together”. None should be at the giving end while the other at the receiving end.

Moreover, one man’s meat could be another’s poison. Everyone has a choice of what they want. Not every man wants a ceremonial marriage or a wedding. Some men prefer partnership. Don’t try pushing him into going by your choice.


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It’s no doubt that some men are more romantic than the others, study your man and find out what goes for him. Some men like romantic surprises from their women. Surprise him with things like romantic texts, cuddle, an unexpected kiss on the forehead or neck nibble.


Security in a relationship goes beyond the feeling that you won’t leave him. Everyone is attracted to assurance or certainty in a relationship. A man feels secure knowing that you approve of him and what he does for a living. He feels secure when he’s out having fun with his friends or on a weekend party with male colleagues away from you and you don’t have to keep ringing his line every 30 minutes just to keep checking on him. He feels secure when you appreciate his body structure by touching him non-sexually while both of you are relaxing at home. The more a man feels secure with you, the more he’s able to trust and open up to you, building a strong, lasting relationship with you.


Men are naturally known to be strong and taught to avoid showing weaknesses at all costs. Men are looking for that woman who they will trust and cry on her shoulders and wouldn’t get labeled “a weak man”. A man wants to ensure that you will be a safe space for his fall, should he experience any cracks in his life. 

Men gradually open up over time emotionally just like women would gradually open up sexually. Men want to be certain that you won’t push them away in their challenging moments. They want to ensure that you won’t handle their tears poorly or say nasty things or even push them away when they needed that emotional support from you.


Men need breathing space in a relationship. Have it at the back of your mind that the fastest way to end a relationship is to keep monitoring your man. Men need time for themselves, they need time for their hobbies and time with their friends too. To deal with certain needs and issues, men need time alone with their thoughts. So, let them have that time off, a breathing space, time alone with their devices.


Emotional maturity in a relationship is when you behave responsibly and not acting like a child when things go out of shape. It’s no news that men want emotional maturity in a relationship. It’s wrong to presume that any mature man would want a woman who thinks and acts like a child in a relationship when he would be better off going for a mature minded woman.

You are emotionally mature when you always communicate and respect your partner’s feelings. You know how to control your emotions and not acting up immediately on your frustrations. Don’t play mind games with your man, keeping malice and ignoring him for days would keep him wondering what has gone wrong? 
Talking it over with him will save you a whole lot of emotional stress. Men are looking for an emotionally mature woman who they can build a healthy relationship with.


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No one is a mind reader, men are not excluded too. If you are dealing with an issue, speak to your man about it and don’t keep him wallowing in the dark. It can be really frustrating when you have no idea why your partner is upset. To set the situation right, and keep a man happy in a relationship, you should be able to communicate your feelings and thoughts especially, in the relationship 
Let him know of any issues you are dealing with before it goes out of hand.

Listening is also another integral part of communication in a relationship. Let your man know that you are always there to give him a listening ear if there’s something he may want to talk about.

Men are also looking for a woman who wouldn’t keep making decisions for two rather, they want a woman who will involve and carry them along just like a woman would always expect her man to involve her in decision making. Partners in healthy and mature relationships are not afraid to communicate their feelings to each other because communication enhances relationships.

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