What gets your attention to the opposite sex? It is rarely unusual to bump into someone on the street, at the eateries, clubs and in some other public places and you suddenly become friends with them. We choose our friends, they don’t choose us. What will prompt you to want to get close to a stranger?

Let’s talk about what will actually attract you to the opposite sex. Some people are of the opinion that it is the person’s outward appearance, some others claimed it is the individual’s personality. These are absolutely correct! Let’s be precise and discuss some of the factors that will obviously attract you to the opposite sex.

Physical Force of Attraction

The physical force of attraction is primarily the temporary force of attraction that comprises the outward look and merely the appearance of the opposite sex. What gets you instantly attracted to someone is absolutely the person’s outward look, (appearance, shape, color, height, fashion or the person carriage/expressions), and others other physical makeups.

Personality-A major force of attraction to the opposite sex

One unique factor that will practically make you want to continue relating to the opposite sex (someone you have just met), is the person’s personality. This is the unique makeup of a person. It makes you want to see that person more often and establish something serious with that them.

I could recall in my own case, I’ve always used myself as an example. Yes, when I first saw my man’s image, his facebook profile, I was like, no way! I can’t hang out with this guy. My friends Gloria Romain and Mimi were my witnesses. They laughed at me because they knew that I had this special preference for a fair-complexioned guy. So I was like it’s not going to work that I was just going to be friends with him but guess what happened? When I started communicating with this guy, (my man), you know, everything changed! Everything I’ve ever believed about dark-complexioned guys varnished because he was totally different, he was absolutely real and amazing.

Personality is the key thing that determines who you mingle with. Yes! You might see a woman and you get attracted to her at the first sight simply because she dresses so smart or you’re a lady you fancy a young man at the very first sight also because he’s always wearing body fitted T-shirts, he knits his ties so perfect, wears clean corporate shoes and he’s wearing a clean hair-cut, clean shave but when you get talking to this person, I belt you might want to run away because that person’s handsome look, beautiful look, is absolutely what I tagged ”temporal force of attraction” that gets you immediately attracted to the person but a permanent force of attraction that would keep you to staying with that person is personality.

Personality comprises the individual’s characteristics suggesting how the person relates to issues, profer solutions to problems, their emotional and interpersonal relationships with you, families and friends. These individual’s characteristics are what will in no doubt keep you glued to the opposite sex.

Take a look around you or on the social media or people you’ve known in the society you could see someone whom people in general, may consider ”ugly”, though no one is ugly but it might surprise you to get a wedding invitation from the so-called ”ugly lady or man” in a short while. How can you explain what has happened? You tagged them” ugly” because they are facially unattractive and may not even know how to dress better than you do. The person might not even have the level of education that you’ve acquired but they found someone to love and settle down with.

I hope you can now realize what has transpired. That is the power of personality-the person’s positive charming character-the only special force of attraction that has entangled or bundled the person to whomever he or she establishes a serious relationship with.

This, however, suggest that most often our attraction to the opposite sex goes beyond what we can see to what radiates from the inside of a person. That an opposite sex is pot-bellied or has knock-legs like me or doesn’t know how to makeup like myself LOL. These things most often don’t really count. It is simply the person’s personality that matters, what comes out of the person. These are the qualities people look at not your fanciful makeups, fashion styles, exotic way of life or fanciful choice of footwear. You can also click on this link to see a short video on what attracts you to the opposite sex? on my youtube channel.

Sexually attracted to the opposite sex?

The sexual attraction is real and it’s not a rare occurrence. Someone can be sexually attracted to you especially when a man consistently stares at you. He moves his eyes all around your body making some funny gestures. You can also determine when a man is sexually attracted to you from his dirty conversations with you online or on a first date. A man who has high emotional sexual response can hardly hide his feelings at the sight of a woman or during his first conversation with a woman.

Does sex strengthen a relationship?

What attracts you to the opposite sex?

Sex is not totally important in a relationship. So the answer is practical No!, for me. It all depends on the two people involved in a relationship. You do not need sex to maintain a healthy relationship depending on the motive behind your relationship. Some people go into relationships for companionship, quite a number of people have to wait until marriage before they start consummating while others involved in it either by accident or planned. Whichever option, It’s all your personal choice and decision.

However, It will honestly save a lot of complications to define your stand with your partner if you are not into sex, it’s better you let your partner know right at the onset of your relationship and if you’re 24/7 hypersexual, spell it out earlier. Your openness will enable them to decide whether to go with you or to go look for their match.

A lot of people are of the opinion that ”sex totally strengthens a relationship” The simple question is if truly sex sustains a relationship, why are there so many single fathers and single mothers out there? Didn’t they have sex before they had their children? They actually did! So why didn’t the sex keep their relationship intact? As a single person, you have been involved in one or two persons. I doubt you walked away mainly because the sex was bad.

Let’s be explicit here, sex is important but then it’s not a major factor that strengthens a relationship. If sex is the only factor that determines the success or the effectiveness of a relationship that means men and women, everyone alike would simply go out there, have a one-night stand and satisfy themselves hence, there won’t be any need for having a close relationship, or engaging in a strong relationship as marriage or partnership since sexual satisfaction is all that is needed. No one would want anybody to be bulging them with family life. Here is a link to a video on, is sex important in a relationship?

Finally, if you have a contrary opinion that suggests that sex is practically what sustains any relationships you’re much welcome to drop your contributions in the comments section so that others will read and learn from your opinion too.



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