Getting job experience in Nigeria

The competition in the labor market is very intense. Employers are always on the lookout for young graduates below the ages of 30 with about 2, or more years of work experience.

Job experience

Working as an undergraduate in Nigeria can be very daunting because lectures run across 4 to 5 days a week unlike in abroad where students may reschedule their lecture timetable to fit into 2 or 3 weekdays enabling them to engage in part-time jobs, internship or even volunteering work experiences.

However, this is different in Nigeria. Part-time job opportunities are mostly non-existent, not even a factor to be considered just like volunteering work-everyone needs the pay because our system makes life very difficult for anyone to consider doing any unpaid job except for the religious bodies.

How to get a job with no experience

It is unusual to read about job openings without the inclusion of job experience in the requirement lists. One dreadful paradox is the fact that you cannot gain experience without doing something called a ”job” and you can hardly find a job without experience. Don’t be discouraged. There’s always a means to climb from zero to hero in our paths. Here are certain steps and preparations you should consider necessary for preparing you towards the bigger job positions.

Jobe experience
  • Put your CV together and have it handy. Don’t wait to be informed about a job opening before taking a step of putting your CV together. Opportunity for an interview or job offer might come up suddenly.
  • Improve your knowledge: Attend seminars, classes, and skills acquisition programs.
  • Little beginning offers you, your very first experience. It is better to start from somewhere and gather experience than staying idle. Remember ”prayer without work is considered void!”.
  • Accept the meager paycheck while you gain experience and hunt for another job. Get busy while hoping for the big catch.
  • You can volunteer if you have a church mind, who knows? It might earn you a permanent place in that company or a recommendation for a more suitable employment position for your qualifications.
  • Don’t pack off your first class certificate for years hunting for a job with a car and accommodation package with zero job experience. This will in turn amount to ”a penny-wise, pound-foolish”.
  • Promote your job skills-Exhibit the best of your skills by working diligently and maintaining efficiency and good interpersonal relationships at any giving opportunity.
  • Be on your employer’s good book. He might increase your paycheck, or even refer you to a higher company where your skills and qualifications would be more relevant.

One awkward behavior I recently noticed among few graduates is having to complain about joblessness after 2to 3 years of completing National Youth Service yet, they don’t have any written CV. You can’t just be waiting until you learn about a company that is hiring before you start writing your CV. What if someone asked to have your CV today, to be submitted the next day which is the final day of submission in his company, what would you do?

It has always surprised me each time I encounter a graduate who doesn’t know how to use the Google search engine but he or she has a smartphone. There are so many job experiences and skills you can acquire on your own online via a google search and on youtube. Learn to utilize your smartphone for different self-learning other than mere chatting, calls and, selfie purposes.

Getting a job without experience

Finding a job as a fresh graduate is usually hard for almost all the job seekers because you are always faced with the shocking questions of how many years of work experience do you have? State your past employment details, skills, and so on. This is certainly discouraging to some extent but you can always get around it, hence there’s always a starting point in life.

Jobs you can do without experience in Nigeria

As a fresh graduate from the university or polytechnic, one thing you should avoid doing is to sit idle and while away time. There are certain jobs you can do with little or no experience in Nigeria. Engaging in these jobs will help you grow from zero to certain levels. Find out some jobs you can engage in while on the lookout for the big positions.

11 jobs you can do with little or no experience in Nigeria

1. Bartender.

The role of a bartender is similar to the roles of waiters and waitresses working in the hostels, restaurants, and eateries. 
This role doesn’t require you to have a degree or any formal education. Working as a bartender can be challenging, as you will be attending to people from different classes. Therefore, you are required to undergo some levels of induction or informal training. This is because you may be charged with the responsibilities of checking how much quantity of alcohol a customer drinks and you are expected to report if a customer was drinking too much. You need to be physically active to take up this role because you are required to be standing and serving customers for almost about 85% of your working hours.

2. Delivery driver

Many private and public companies are constantly in need of drivers to deliver raw materials to their factories and finished products to their warehouses and in turn deliver orders to customers in different locations. You are qualified for this job as long as your driving license is valid and clean. You don’t need any experience to take up this job. Delivery jobs offer so much flexibility in their shifting routine.

3. Bill collector

To qualify as a bill collector you are required to have at least SSCE certificate or no qualifications. All you need is to have effective interpersonal communication skills in relating to customers. No previous bill collecting experience required.

4. Web designer

Becoming a web developer doesn’t necessarily require you to have any formal education as there are many courses available online that can enable you to grow your skills. You can also get special one-on-one training with this popular proficient web development company based in Lagos, greenmouse technologies. They can also provide you with online training regardless of the state you reside in Nigeria

5. Taxi driver. 

You can become a taxi driver with no previous cab driving experience. In Nigeria, you don’t need to have been driving for years to land on this job. All you need is the driver’s license, and to master the local routes. You can also register with Uber or taxify and earn a living out of it.

6. Garbage collector 

No previous garbage collecting experience required. All you need is to be capable of lifting heavy cans and bags and being physically fit. LAWMA is the right government agency in charge of garbage collection in Nigeria

7. Cable installer

DStv, GOtv and other cable televisions and Internet installers make decent earning from this. You can learn as an apprentice or go through on-the-job training. A good relationship with your clients certainly helps in making this job easier. You stand the chances of getting more patronizers from your happy and satisfied customers.

8. School bus driver. 

You must be humble and patient if you want to take up the job of driving children to and from school, five days a week. You need clean criminal records and driving license. Their job routine includes morning and late afternoons, and they enjoy the off days and the same holidays that school children enjoy.

9. Mechanic
You can build and improve on your mechanical skills while waiting for your NYSC call up letter. You stand the chances of learning and developing more mechanical practical skills by working with the roadsides mechanics or at the professional mechanic workshops. Either way, you are adding to your skills and building your job experiences.

10. Hairdressing and Barbing.

No formal education is required to become a hairdresser or a barber. People learn these skills easily while observing others as trainees.

11. Fashion designing and make-up 

A lot of people engage in these because of their interest in fashion. Some ladies and men alike do these as additional, to whatsoever professional skills they have, while most people engage in these as their specialty while making a huge means of livelihood from fashion designing and make-up. You don’t need any experience to start these. You can be training and at the same time be working for your trainer or work from the comfort of your home.

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