Back home in my country Nigeria and in a few of the countries that I have visited and lived such as England, Russia, and Ghana included. Working hours officially last for about 8 to 9 hours non-stop except for the official 15 minute and 30-minute breaks for breakfast, lunch or dinner break respectively.

Shops and restaurants equally operate within the same periods though, sometimes the shops in open markets opened for longer hours than the ones in enclosed areas.

Shopping In Middle East-An Eye-Opener

My first time shopping experience in this part of the world is totally an eye-opener to understanding the varied flexible working hours in the Middle East. It is absolutely different from the usual working hours that I have been used to.

It’s surprising that I had to shop all through the day from 9: am until 7: pm. This is because there were always intermittent long hours of breaks during the working and business hours.

Shops and offices open from 9: am to 12 noon, from 1: pm to 3: pm then 5: pm to 7: pm and so on. These hours of breaks are basically used for prayers in particular, and for time off work. 
These peculiar working hours in the Middle East are likened to religious and cultural practices. It’s really amazing and fun to have an hour and another two hours of break in-between shopping. Honestly, it was refreshing but somewhat boring and time-consuming.

Traveling is indeed a great eye-opener! It usually changes our perceptions, acceptance, and broadens our understanding of others’ way of life.

One sure fact I have learned from traveling is that one’s village doesn’t have answers to all your questions about life and others around the world.

To Survive In Rome-Conform!

To live happily and stay safe in any society one needs to comply with the existing standards, rules or regulations. Human beings conform in order to maintain established rules and norms guiding a particular society thus, have a sense of security.

However, you would have a better understanding of the saying “if you go to Rome, you behave like the Romans”, when you leave the comfort of your present stay to a different community, state or country. You are safe, and in persistent learning processes when you respect and imbibe by other people’s way of life, which includes their belief, social, religious and cultural practices.

However, before you criticize people in any aspect of their lives; endeavor to understand their genetics if you would be talking about their unique physique (complexions, shape, and heights). Learn also to understand their cultural belief system, social and religious lifestyles. Culture is a way of life that guides and shapes every human’s behavior in society. Therefore, cast no stones on another’s ways of life, be it religious practices, dressing, eating habits, and socio-cultural assimilation since you would not tolerate anyone talking down on your cultural practices.

Traveling Can Kill Your Appetite and Taste

That you cannot do without this or that kind of food or snack is very much possible when you are within your locals where it is regularly available and you can easily afford it at the regular price.

Your taste for water can automatically quench or cease when you are told that small bottled water you usually buy at the price of #50 in your local probably within Festac Town in Lagos, is #500 on your visit to Banana Island hmm! “I no wan water again abeg” (I am no longer tasty), that would be your immediate response LOL.

That I have missed eating plantain for over six months and I suddenly ran into one in a far off supermarket from my base. It was tagged “Indian Banana”. I said no! This is Plantain, ”fiam”! I grabbed a bunch of 4 in the photo above straight into my shopping trolly.

On getting home, I went through my receipt, I saw #1,700 for just four plantains that could cost only #200 in my area in Lagos chai!. Honestly, I instantly lost appetite for the plantain. I was only wishing to return it and get a refund if it was possible. Cooking and eating it seemed so hard for me considering the price LOL!:

Traveling Changed My Appetite For Corn

That I cannot do without corn even though it’s seasonal is not about the ones in this photo. Some food or snacks preparations can instantly change your appetite or love for the food or snack at the mere sight of it, especially when it is unusually prepared.

No corn that is more attractive and appetising as our Nigerian roasted or cooked corn and pear, not these computerized ones with sauce 😏😭.

For their minds, they can’t change my appetite for corn.

Traveling Landed Me To A Lonely World

Traveling-an eye-opener

Have you ever been to a lonely world? In a world where you are practically alone, a totally different world from the previous world which you were once used to, in the world where you a totally differentiated in all aspects including language. In a world where you have to willingly stay indoors 24/7. You practically suffer from the lack of vitamin D because you cannot have a glimpse of the sunshine outside let alone have a feel of it.

So this is what happens when you found yourself in a place where you do not have any form of external help, even your money can’t buy you such freewill services like help and human interactions which are automatically free in most societies. You get these sorted out in Nigeria or in some other countries easily or a neighbor can even help you out with it but here you are on your own. Thus, as I go on to loosening this hair, as you would be viewing in the video below, my lonely world Honestly, I do not have any hope of making new hair in months because no single Salon exists here. It’s all a self-help, you do it’s all through starting from the beginning until the end. This is one of the disadvantages of living in a beautiful strange lonely world.

Don’t envy anyone, not even those living abroad, they have their challenges hard times, restricted lifestyles and some of them even have zero participation in any form of social gatherings. So, be yourself and not anyone else! Don’t be me, don’t envy me, don’t wish to be where I am because where you are may simply be heaven compared mine! See the video on how I make my own hair in Saudia Arabia

Traveling has surely landed me in a lonely world. It has made me stronger more experienced and adaptive

Feature Image-Jacqueline Schmide/Pixabay


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