Sickle Cell Anaemia Is 100% Preventable!

It might sound ridiculous reading the title above that sickle cell anemia is 100% preventable. Don’t be surprised learning this now because it is common and it’s quite surprising that most people who recently got involved in this are educated young ones. This makes it even more strange and sad considering the many incidences of sickle cell anemia in our modern society.

Sickle cell anemia wasn’t prevalent in the past

I recalled in the days of the past when love was totally blind. Many of our parents in those days never had a choice to decide whom they got married off to. I could still remember my mom told me a story that she got married at the age of 16. She said she was brought to my dad’s house and she ran back to her father’s house and her parents sent her back. That was how she got married to my dad. They had their wedding and all that was required without having their own will-power to decide for themselves.

In this 21st century, in our own time, the reverse is the case. love is no longer blind. Love can see with its two ”korokoro naked eyes”. Yes! love can even feel and weigh the pocket of whomever it got attracted to. Love has the choice and power to decide the class of the person to be fallen in love with. Love can say what it wants, it can decide the qualities it wants in a person these days. It can check out the physical physique of a person. Love can actually see that this person is short, or tall, dark or fair in completion yet, love will still go on to chose that person among many others. This is because you have seen the right person that’s appealing to your heart and you would want to spend the rest of your life with.

Why sickle anemia can be 100% preventable

Here’s the story behind the title of this writeup. It’s about a young lady who’s in love with a handsome young man. I’ve known the two lovers for three long years. The girl involved is educated and she has just finished her National Youth Service Programme in Nigeria. She rang me up a few days back that her boyfriend a young man of about 33 years old has finally proposed to her. Wow! ”congratulations”! That was my immediate response to the good news. So, ”what’s the next step?” I asked. she said they were planning to get married. I said that’s great! I hope you’ve found all the necessary vital health information about him? I was shocked to my bone marrow when she said she hasn’t inquired about the guy’s genotype talk more of his blood group neither has the young man asked her too.

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How baffling could that be? That in this age, a lot of young people dive into serious relationships as marriage without firstly considering these necessary health statuses of their partners.

Before you finally conclude walking down the altar or introducing anyone to your family and friends as your serious partner endeavor to ascertain these necessary facts about them. This young man’s case is pardonable considering that he’s not a graduate but not everything is thought in the Higher Institutions. There are so many things about life you need to learn on your own outside the forewalls of the educational institutions at all levels. Having been interacting with people around your environment, you must have witnessed cases about sickle cell anemia and other related ailments. Why not ask questions about things you do not understand.

In other words, some young people who are aware of their status even persist on marrying persons of the same genotype of AS + AS. They insist prayer can change all things forgetting the expression that, ”heaven helps those who help themselves”. I can assure you that the beginning of every blind relationship is always excited but the continuation might not be full of that excitement.

People of these days believe that love is in the air thus, quite a number of them are carried away by mere affections and obsessions. I cannot use the word ”desperation” because marriage is a beautiful thing and everyone who has come of age, desires to have someone to share the rest of their life with. So, it’s not desperation but when you are getting carried away or getting obsessed with someone, please try to understand certain underlying things that you should know about a person before going into marriage.

Reduce the incidences of sickle cell anemia by 100%

Sickle cell anemia is 100% preventable if only we can understand our genotype, blood group and find out the rhesus factor of the person you have fallen in love with before ever that love starts spinning your head that there’s no longer a going back. Endeavor to understand the simple genotype and blood matching. For instance, a lady whose genotype is AS is not advisable for her to get married to a man whose genotype is also AS-They will end up producing more children with AS genotype. This is also applicable to our blood. Try to understand and define your blood group.

I hope you are also aware of the rhesus factor? a man with a positive rhesus factor is not advised to marry a woman who’s rhesus fact is negative. It won’t be fair creating problems for our unborn innocent children since there are ways we could prevent all these ailments from lingering on.

Everyone can avoid this from happening by making some findings of our intending spouse’s status before ever we commit into a serious relationship. Prevention, they say, is far better than cure. This is one of the reasons why divorce and broken marriages are common these days. Most people jumped into marriage and ran out within a short space of time because some of them failed to make some background inquiries and necessary questions they should have asked at the beginning of their relationships. Unfortunately, when they finally got into marriage and start having children it becomes problematic for them to settle fully because of one health-related challenge or issues with their sickle cell children. This can never be fantastic or appealing to any couple. No parents would be glad watching their children suffering over time.

Sickle Cell Anaemia Is 100% Preventable

Consequences of sickle cell anemia

Self-made problems delay family progress and retard emotional and mental harmony. It drains up your happy expectations after your nine months gestational journey. You are no longer interested in how to better your family financially or investing in some tangible assets instead, all your energy, thoughts and resources are constantly being channeled toward sudden health emergencies of your child or children because hospital bills are all that you would be working very hard for, especially in my country Nigeria, where government provides nothing or is only responsible for about 20% of healthcare provisions to her citizens. This isn’t fantastic for our loved ones or people around us who already have this sickle cell anemia in their system.

Everyone with sickle anemia needs our love

However, we should never discriminate against them, they have the rights to live a normal life just like everyone else. They have the right to marriage and social interactions. Though, if any sickler wants to go into a serious relationship like marriage or partnership with the intention of producing children, they must never get married to fellow sicklers if otherwise, there are 100% chances their children would have the same sickle cell ailments. The best option is for a sickler to marry a person who’s genotype is AA.

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Remember, I am NOT speaking against people who already have this sickle cell ailment No!. They have the right to live a happy life just like everyone out there. They have the right to love and be loved too. You might want to watch this video on my channel on sickle cell anemia being 100% preventable

The major habit I’m kicking against is for young ladies and young men of this generation who get carried away by love and frivolities and they rushed into marriage without considering these vital factors of understanding the genotype, the blood group and the rhesus factor of their intending partners before falling in love. Days are gone when they say ”love is blind”. So, see everything, ask all the questions, understand everything about your man, about your woman before ever going into marriage, or into a long term relationship with anyone. To clear your doubts about your questions on love being blind or not, click this link, Is love really blind? It’s a short video on my channel that clarifies the question about blind love.


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