If you are looking to come to Saudi Arabia to work, that’s a perfect idea because Saudi Arabia is a beautiful country, the people of Saudi Arabia are so amazing, so loving that you would definitely find it interesting working in this part of the world because there are no payable taxes on the salaries of the foreign workers. You do not pay a tax of any kind as an international employee or a foreign worker in Saudi Arabia.

How to get a job in Saudi Arabia
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The best way to get a job in Saudi Arabia

Here are the ways you could get a job in Saudi Arabia

  1. Apply Online

One of the major ways is to look up online for companies that are hiring on google. Applying online is one of the easiest and fastest ways of getting a job abroad but sometimes we are very cautious never to fall into the wrong hands. Scammers and traffickers are really busy online. You just have to trust the online sites you are inputting your data or details into when applying for a job online.

2. Apply Through An Agency

This is the most effective and legit way to applying for a job abroad. Look for agencies within your country of origin that are in charge of preparing workers for jobs overseas especially in Saudi Arabia. These agencies have first-hand information from these companies abroad. They would help you with fast-tracking information such as these:

  • Is the ministry or the company you are aspiring to work with hiring?
  • What levels or classes of workers do they need?. This involves the questions about who is eligible to apply. Does the company employ people from your country?
  • What are their requirements?
  • Is the job a contract one or a permanent job?
  • What’s the duration of the contract?
  • What are their interview requirements?
  • What’s their salary package like?
  • How to go about visa preparations

These and many more concerns are what the agency you would be applying through would help sort out for you. Remember that no foreigner comes into Saudi Arabia without going through medical screening.

3. Medical Screening processes

This is the next process you would go through if you are successful with the interview processes. These screening processes are basically necessary because they have to ensure you are physically and mentally sane before they can go on processing your visa to come into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

On entry into Saudi Arabia, you would also need to get your work permit or staying permit called ”iqama”

4. Qualification

Does the job you would want to apply for require you to have a degree, or any sort of professional qualifications? It is necessary you find out this either from the agency preparing you for the employment or you check the job requiremnents on google if you would be applying via online.

5. Job Experience

Having job experience is most vital to working in Saudi Arabia. It doesn’t matter what kind of job you will be applying for, whether menial or professional job. Having a one year or more years of job experience is very necessary because the company, ministry, or private individuals that may be requesting your services would definitely ask to know how proficient you are in that very field of work.

I recalled in 2011, I rang up a company just for a cleaning job in England and I was surprised to be asked how long have I been doing a cleaning job? surprised! Isn’t it? That’s just the truth! You surely need to know your onion, be certain about the field you would love to work in, even though, you would be giving an induction or training before you officially resume work.

Can I Come Hustling In Saudi Arabia?

Alright, that’s not bad a question from someone in Nigeria. I would like to say that, this is not a place you can hustle. It is so difficult to hustle in this part of the world. Life and Modus Operandi in Saudi Arabia are totally different from the systems in Europe. This place is not a place like Dubai.

It is also hard to hustle in Dubai though you can easily get into Dubai with a three-month visa and when you arrive you start looking for a job but it is hard to come by one when you get into Dubai with a visiting visa. Here in Saudi Arabia, it is totally different because you can’t just walk into this country with a visiting visa and you start hustling or start hanging around. Doing that would definitely have you ended up behind bars. No refugees or asylum seekers are allowed here.

Avoid taking such risk from anyone or scammers promising you that you can survive in Saudi Arabia by hustling. Stay away from the wrong agencies trying to get you into this country through the wrong routes. You are better going through the right processes.

Get to an agent who could act as a middleman between you and the company or the ministry that you’re coming in to work for even if you’re coming to work for a private establishment go through the right process which is going through an agent. An agent can prepare you better and make your application processes hastened hence is a trusted agent.

Here’s the name of the agency that helped me with a job in Saudi Arabia- Their Facebook name is On’yva Concepts This agency basically prepares nurses and doctors for work in Saudi Arabia. I have no idea if they source employment to other professions or casual job seekers.

Meanwhile, you can click on the link above, write them about your concerns, probably they would have some solutions for you or refer you to other legit agencies like them within your country.

You can also watch a short video on how to easily apply for a job in Saudi Arabia on YouTube

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