The Igbo people who are from the Southeastern part of Nigeria do not only define a name as a person’s identity and individuality. They most often name a baby according to the circumstances following the conception and the birth of a particular child. This is because the Igbo people are highly religious yet very tenacious to their cultural practices and heritage.

Igbo Baby Name: Unisex Igbo names and their meanings
Igbo Baby Names and their meanings

In the past, every name of a baby had connotations to either one of the names of the Igbo four market days or prefixes such as ”Chi, Chukwu” meaning (God or the supreme being in control of the universe).

Modernization has however brought so many changes in the minds and behaviours of people that the present-day mothers have somehow abandoned those beautiful Igbo baby names to funkinized Igbo baby names. Days are gone when mothers give their babies names like (‘Akwa-eke, Olanma, Apunanwu, Mgbeke, Mgbori, Mgbonkwo’) and so on.

Mothers of this generation simply prefer posh and trendy names for their babies that sometimes when they call out their children names one would be wondering whether those names are Igbo or foreign names. You would only be shocked to learn that the names are Igbo names when they explained their meanings to you.

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Below are the comprehensive list of 300 Igbo baby names for boys and girls with their short forms or pet names including their meanings.

Unisex Igbo Names and their meanings

 ChikanyimaKaima It is God we know    
 ChideraDera What God has written    
 ChibuikemBuike/Ikem God is my strength    
 ChidiogoDiogo God is beautiful    
 ChimamandaAmanda My God will not fail me    
 ChineduNedu God leads    
 ChiedozieEdozie  God has fixed it   
 ChizaramZara God answered me    
 ChidubemDubem God leads me    
 Chimsimdiridire My God says i shall live    
 ChinagoromNagorom God is my witness    
 ChidiereDire My God is real    
Chidife Chidi/Ife God is light    
 ChinazoNazo God saves   
 ChibuzoBuzo God leads the way    
 ChidiebereEby/Chidi God is merciful    
 ChikaChi God is superior    
 ChikanmsoKamsy Its God that I follow    
 ChimdiebubeEbube My God is glorious   
 ChekwubeChekwe  Hope   
 ChidiutoDiuto God is sweet    
 ChidinduChidi God is alive    
 ChizobaZoba God saves    
 Chiemeria EmeriaGod has won    
 ChinecheremNeche God thinks for me    
 ChinaemeremEmerem God does it for me    
 ChigozieGozie God bless    
 ChidozieDozie God perfects it    
 ChinonsoNonso God is near    
 ChiemelaEmela God has done it    
 ChinakaChiaka God says it    
 ChialukaAluka God has done it    
 ChinwenduChinweGod owns life    
Akachi Chi God’s hand    
 AkaolisaOlisa God’s hand    
 AnulikaAnuli Happiness    
 IfechukwuIfe Light of God    
 EchezolachiZola Do not forget God    
 IfebucheUche What is God’s will   
Uchechukwu Uche God’s will    
 UgonnaUgo Father’s beauty    
 KasarachiKachi/Kakaa tell it to God    
 KaosisochukwuKosy As it pleases God    
 OnyekachiKachi Who is greater than God?    
 ZikoranachimdiZikora Show the world that my God lives    
Somtochukwu Somto Join me to praise God    
 TochukwuTochi Praise God    
 TobechukwuTobe Keep praising God    
 KamsiyochukwuKamsy As I have asked God    
 ObimnaetoNaeto My heart praises God    
 SochimaSochi Only God knows    
 MunachimsoMuna My God is with me    
 IfechidereIfechi What God has written    
 IfechimererikaIfechi God has done so much for me    
 LotachukwuLota Remember God    
 LotannaLota Remember father    
 EzenwaEze God’s child    
Ekelenna Ekene Thanks to God    
Kenechukwu Kene Thanks to God    
 KanenechukwuKene Looking up to God    
 ChimaboimMaobi God knows my heart    
 OnyebuchiBuchi Who is God?    
 NgozikaNgozi God’s blessings exceed    
 GinikanwaGini What is greater than a child?    
 IhuomaOmaa Good luck    
 IrukaIruka  Front is great   
 IzuoraIzu Family consensus    
 OgechikanmaOge God’s time is the best    
AmarachukwuAmara God’s blessing    
 ChiagoziemAgozie God has blessed me    
 NzubechukwuZubby The will of God    
 NdumzoronachukwuZoro My life is hidden in God    
 ChinagoromChina God speaks from me    
 ChisomagaSomaga My God walks with me    
 ChikasimobiKasie God console me    
 SomnazuSom Walk behind me    
 EchiomaOma Brighter tomorrow    
 ChimezieMezie God perfects it    
 OguguochukwuOgugua Befriened God    
 KanyitochukwuTochi Lets praise God    
 MakuachukwuMakua Lets embrace God    
 OtitochukwuOtito In God’s praise    
 ChidaluDalu Thank you Lord    
 FesochukwuFeso Worship only God    
 ChinaluChina God is at work    
 ChikeluwaChike God the creator of the world    
 IfeanyichukwuIfy Nothing is beyound God    
 OnyedikachiDika None is like God    
 ChimbusonmaSonma My God is beautiful    
 AdimchukwunaobiAdimchi I am in God’s heart    
 IfechukwuadigoIfechi The light of God has come    
 MunaolisaOlisa My God and myself    
 ChimatokaAtoka My God is sweeter    
 ZinachidiZina Show them that there’s God    
 ChibuzoBuzo God leads the way    
 ChetachukwuChetachi Remember God    
 UchennaUche God’s idea    
 ChonenyeNonye God be with you    
 ChinedumNedu God leads me    
 ChinmaChi God knows    
 EberechukwuEby God’s mercy    
 IfechukwukwurugaemeIfe What God says will happen    
 ChimeremezeMezie My God has made me king    
 EkperebuikemBuikem Prayer is my strength    
 OgadinmmaOgadi It shall be fine    
 OsinachiSinachi Is from God    
 NdidiamakaNdidi Endurance is good    
 EchezonachukwuEchezona Do not forget God    
 OkwuchukwuOkwy Word of God    
 OkwukweOkwy Faith    
 ToochukwuToochi Praise God    
 IfechukwuIfe Light of God    
 ChukwujekwuJekwu My God will speak    
 NchekwubechukwuChekwube Trust in God    
 OgechukwuOge God’s time    
 OluebubeEbube Miraculous work    
 OnyemaechiAmaechi Who knows tomorrow?    
 AmamchukwuAma I know God    
 AmarachiAmara Grace of God    
 AmarachukwuAmara Grace of God    
 AmuchechukwuUche who knows God’s mind?    
 OnyemaOnyii Who knows?    
 ChukwunonyelumNonye God be with me    
 ChukwuzaramZaram God answered me    
 ChukwudozieDozie God perfects    
 ChibuezemBueze God is my king    
 UgoamakaUgo Pride is beautiful   
 UgonnaUgo His father’s pride    
 ArinzechukwuArinze Praise God   
 Azuka AzukaPast glory    
 ChijinduChi God owns life    
 ChidaluDalu Thank you Lord    
 ChisomChi God is with me    
 UkachukwuUka God’s words    
 ChiziteremChi God sent me    
 ChukwunonsoNonso My God is near    
 ChinyeakaChi God help us    
 UdochukwuUdo Peace of God    
 NgozikaNgoo Blessing    
 AnaenechukwuAnane We look up to God    
 OnyinyechiOnyii God’s gift    
 AchebeAchebe One who is protected by the goddese    
 AmakaAmaa Queen of beauty    
 ChimezieMezie God has made it Good    
 ChinakaChi God decides    
 ChiokeChi Gift of God    
 ChukwuemeriaEmeria God has won    
 DeberechiDebere Lean on God    
 DiaruchukwuDiara Live for God    
 EsomchiChi I am following God    
 IfechikwuluIfe What God has said    
 IfeatuIfe  Wonderful thing    
 IfedinmaIfe Something good    
 IhuomachukwuIhuoma God’s favour    
 IhuomaIhuoma One who is favoured    
 JayanmaNma Praise God    
 IsinachiChi One who’s sent by God    
 KachisirichoChi God’s will    
 KachisideChi What God has written    
 KairaluchukwuKaira Let’s leave it to God    
 KamfeechiFeechi Let me worship God    
 KamsiyonnaKamsi As I asked God    
 Kamharida HaridaLet me not fall    
 KamtochukwuKamtoo Let me praise God    
 KasiemobiKasie Comfort me    
 kelechiKelechi Glorify God    
 LotachukwuLota Remember God    
 LabechiLebe Look unto God    
 NmasichukwuNmasi The will of God   
 OgechukwukaOge God’s time is the best    
 OziomaOzy Goodness    
 OziomachukwuOzy God’s good news    
 AmaechiAmaechi Who knows tomorrow    
 AmarachukwuAmara Grace of God    
 ZimifeIfeShow me the light    
 OkwuchiChi God’s word    
 NdudiNdu Let there be life    
 AmuchechukwuUche Who knows the mind of God    
 UchechiUche The will of God    
 ChimdiChi My God lives    
 BinyelumBunye Stay with me    
 ChimeluMelu God does it    
 ChiazakamChiaza God answered me    
 ChiasokaAsoka God is sweet    
 ChidumejeDumeje God leads me    
 ChielotamLotam God has remembered me    
 ChimbusonmmaSonmma My God is beautiful    
 ChidiomimiChid My God is mysterious    
 ChimedaramobiDara My God consoled me    
 UzochiUzo God’s way    
 ChimmeremnmaNma God has done me well    
 NwadimkpaNwadi Child is important    
 GosifeIfe Show the light    
 Ifechukwukwuru Ife What God has said    
 ChukwubuzoBuzo God leads the way    
 KasiobiKasie Console    
 ChisimnuriaNuria God says I should rejoice    
 ChukwuemeziauzoMezie God has directed my paths    
 ChinmuanyaChi My God is awake    
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