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First-time date ideas

Going on a date with someone you have some affections for, is certainly a beautiful moment you spend with a person of the opposite sex. It’s a romantic moment you sit out with someone you are meeting for the first time perhaps, you have been in communication with this person or you have known him/her for a while and decided to go on a date with that person in a beautiful garden, beach or in a restaurant.

This honestly reminded me of those beautiful dating moments I had with the love of my life years back, prior to our engagement. Mmm! We absolutely had great dating moments in different amazing places. I wished every time in one’s life could be dating moments-Those beautiful get-together you share romantic times with each other in a special friendly way.

Going on a date for the first time

There are certain things you shouldn’t do on the first time on a date.

You are finally going on a date to spend some special time with your crush. You are super excited and you can’t just wait to meet with each other. However, you must bear in mind that the first impressions have many definitions about your personality and values to the person you would be spending time with for the very first time. There is a need for preparation ahead of this. This is simply because your first impressions would determine whether your crush is going to establish something serious with you or not. Avoid these:

Do Not Be Late

Punctuality is a mark of respect. It will be very awful to keep someone waiting at the restaurant for more than 30 minutes. Whatever you do, just leave early enough to beat traffic. Turning up on a date late creates the impressions that you have time management issues. It is wrong to assume that turning up on time makes you look desperate and cheap.

Confide On Someone About Your Destination

Inform someone about where you are going: Confide in the next person about the address of the venue for your date. Since this is the very first time you would be going on a date with this person. Your date is perhaps, obviously a stranger. The need for security-conscious is important while honoring people’s invitations for a one-on-one timeout.

Be Confident

It is usually common to be nervous on a first date. This is because the first time on a date is anxiety-filled. Be confident and interactive and do not act as if you have a hearing problem making your date repeat words severally. Make it a fun moment to remember.

Dress Appropriately

You are partly the way you dressed

Wear something that wouldn’t make you uncomfortable. Don’t dress like you are going to the clubhouse or like a street girl. Not paying attention to your appearance shows that you don’t really care about your looks and you are not serious with the date, probably you just wanted to waste someone’s time by chilling out for a while. 

Avoid Being Argumentative

You are absolutely entitled to your opinion but it’s not OK persuading your date to agree and stick to your opinion. This shouldn’t happen on a first date because you two have not even established any relationships yet. So keep your discussions on issues lightly

Don’t Spill It All Out At A Stretch

Remember this is a stranger you are going on a date with for the very first time. Watch what you say, and avoid telling your life story at once else, you get your date bored or surprised, living him/her to believe that this is how you must have been spiling it all out to everyone. Be attentive, be reserved and speak when necessary.

Don’t Talk Dirty Or Push For Intimacy

Discussing sex on a first date might really leave your date with a different impression about you. First time on a date it’s a time you and your lover are getting to discuss and know each. Pay attention to the topics of discussion and avoid tempting or pushing him/her into dirt actions. 

Talking About Your Ex

Do not talk about your ex if it is possible, but if questions about your ex come up. Try keeping it brief and do not paint him/her black, presenting yourself as a saint. Remember no one is 100% perfect.

Don’t Invite Friends

people dating
Dating is for two

Going on a date is simply a one-on-one thing, not an invite to a party. Therefore, it won’t make any sense of bringing one or two friends to your date. This would make it very hard for your crush to discuss freely with you. He/she would definitely feel uncomfortable and may not want to go on a second date with you next time. Bringing a crowd to your date makes it no longer a date, but a show! 

Don’t Forget Table Manners

Make orders for what you can eat. Do not see this moment as an opportunity to eating and drinking to stupor and in turn place orders for takeaways. Maintain good seating postures and eat appropriately while interacting. Be polite and nice. Most importantly do not forget to say thank you at the end. Call or text your date to ensure he/she arrived safely to their destinations. See a video here, about first time on a date

Alright! I hope these tips help. Please like and leave a comment below if the above was helpful.

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