Are you currently making videos on Instagram, Youtube, Tik Tok, live-streaming, and others? Ring lights are a very important part of your setup you may have been missing out.

Ring Lights for Videos

Best ring lights for videos

  1. Neewer Advanced 16” LED Ring 55W 3200-5600k
  2. Flashpoint Photo/Video 19” AC Powered 55W 5500K Dimmable LED Ring
  3. Smith-Victor Bi-Color LED Ring Light 13.5”
  4. NanLite Halo 18” Bi-Color Ring Light
  5. Yongnuo YN208 PRO 3200K-5500K Bi-Color LED Video Ring Light

Why you need a ring light

To film a good video quality that will be so attractive to your viewers, you need great lighting. It is a must-have no matter what kind of video content you make-it doesn’t matter if you make unboxing videos, cooking, or tutorial videos.

Having a ring light is the best choice for every vlogger who wishes to have a well-illuminated set that is devoid of shadows. Good video light creates an attractive set and keeps your viewers more engaged in your content.

As a video content creator wishing to have a professional Youtube set-up, you will at some point need to buy a high-quality ring light kit. This, you will always appreciate because it makes YouTubers and other video content creators look amazingly great on cameras.

Are ring lights the sams as ring lamps?

Ring lights are not different from ring lamps. They are circular-shaped light, designed with a large aperture made to be positioned in front of the subject. They create the covert ”halo” light effects to the eyes and they continuously produce light source that eliminates shadows

Here are the reviews of all the top 5 best ring lights for videos

Best Ring Lights for Videos

1. Neewer Advanced 16” LED Ring Light

Neweer Advanced 16” LED Ring Light Support Manual Touch Control, with LCD Screen, Adjustable Color Temperature, Remote, and Multiple Lights Control is very easy to set up and use at any time interval.

Why go for a Neewer Ring Light?

  • It gives perfect lightening effects
  • It produces dimmable lighting or illumination with zero dark shadows.
  • It enhances your facial features because of the steady lighting it gives for a detailed three-dimensional look making you look more engaging.
  • It beautifies and simply lightens up any face
  • Your eyes are highlighted with different distances of lights.
  • It gives literal starry eyes when photographing people because of the nice ring addition in the eyes.

Can anyone use a Neewer Ring Light?

Anyone can use a Neewer Ring Light. It doesn’t matter what type of content you create. Neewer Ring Light is a must have for these set of people:

  • YouTube content creators,
  • Salons/Hairstylists
  • Makeup artists
  • Video bloggers,
  • Portrait photography and streaming
  • Tattoo artists
  • Selfie lovers
  • Studio lighting
  • Instagram lives, Facebook lives, and many more.

Features and package

Neweer Advanced 16′ LED ring light supports manual touch control with LCD screen, multiple light control, and remote, 3200-5600k

It comes with the following amazing package:

  • RP 16 LED Ring Ling
  • Smart Phone Clamp
  • Light Stand
  • Hot shoe Adapter
  • Remote Control
  • Carry Bag For ring Light
  • Bluetooth Remote
  • Universal Power Adaptor with US/EU Plug
Ring Lights
Flashpoint Photo/Video 19” AC Powered 55W 5500K Dimmable LED Ring

2. Flashpoint Photo/Video 19” AC Powered 55W 5500K Dimmable LED Ring Light


The Flashpoint Photo/Vidoe 19” Ring Light has the following features:

  • 5500K color temperature
  • 19” soft continuous envelope light
  • Optional tungsten and diffuser panel clip
  • Extremely portal and lightweight
  • Low heat output
  • Stepless variable intensity

Why do you need the Flashpoint Photo/Vidoe 19” Ring Light?

The Flashpoint Point/Video 19” Ring Light is mostly good for shooting beauty videos. It’s a must-have for the stylists or any beauty shop owner. It is also great for journalists, fashion, and children photographers.

It weighs so light and very portable for your travels.

The adjustable dimmer helps you to vary the light intensity without repositioning, helping you to get the right amount of light required for your shooting.

It is is capable of making any subject looks flattering, creating signature catchlights in the eyes.

It is best for video and still photography

Moreover, the flashpoint Photo/video Ring Light overall produces low heat because of its low power usage which also an advantage

Ring Lights
Smith-Victor Bi-Color LED Ring Light 13.5′

3.Smith-Victor Bi-Color LED Ring Light 13.5”

Why do you need Smith-Victor Bi-Color LED Ring Light?

  1. Bi-Color LED light creates beautiful images
  2. It eliminates shadows from your background making you or your subject image appear beautiful and lively
  3. It gives more concentrations to the eyes of the focused image, making it appearing more vivid.
  4. It gives nearly shadow-less illumination that is flawless to the skin tone

Who can use Bi-Color LED Light?

Anyone can use this light. It is awesome for self-taping and other videos. Actors use this for their original content creations. This is also great for makeup videos. The Bi-Color Light is great to use when photographing small items, documents, or records for insurance companies such as collectibles or coins.


Smit-Victor Bi-Color LED Ring Light has the following features:

  • Adjustable color temperature 3200K-5600K
  • CRI for excellent color rendition
  • Dimming from 100-10%
  • Nearly shadow-less and soft light for vivid and beautiful images.
  • 240 LEDs give 650 LUX at 3′
  • It doesn’t come with a stand but you totally do not need it.

Checkout the Smit-Victor Bi-Color LED Ring Light

Ring lights
NanLite Halo 18 LED Ring Light

4. NanLite Halo 18 LED Ring Light 48W

The Halo 18 LED Ring Light for beauty and photography, with a mirror, a carrying bag, and a phone holder is a great light for varied shootings.

What can I use NanLite Halo 18 LED Light for?

  • It is a great deal for multi-purpose filming
  • It can be used for live streaming, vlogging, makeup tutorials and applications, interviews, small product photography, one on one interviews, portrait photography and any other video where it is necessary to focus on the subject face.


  • The NanLite Halo 18” LED Ring Light is very powerful and portable. It can be powered by Sony NP-F- batteries or adapters, making it very easy and perfect to use on the go.
  • It has a power output of 48watts and a maximum illumination of 2407 LM.
  • You can adjust the color temperature and brightness using the easy dials on the ring light
  • It comes with makeup mirror and smartphone clamp
  • A UK 2 years warranty.
Ring Lights
YONGNUO YN208 PRO 3200K-5500K

5. Yongnuo YN208 PRO 3200K-5500K Bi-Color LED Video Ring Light

YN208 LED Video Ring Light is a beautify fill light that supports mobile App control for beauty selfie and portrait photography, and make-up mirror remote control.

Why go for YONGNUO YN208?

  • YN208 LED Ring Light is very convenient and efficient to use
  • It supports wireless remote control and mobile APP remote control
  • It is designed with a professional cosmetic mirror
  • The back is designed with an adjustable phone holder 5cm-8.4cm width smartphones.
  • It makes photographing more distinctive, as it creates special lightening effects because the mobile APP is equipped with four special scene lighting modes.


  • YONGNUO YN208 PRO LED Video Ring Light
  • Remote control
  • Make-up mirror
  • Horse support
  • Light stand
  • Andoer cleaning cloth
  • Power adapters and batteries not included

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