Igbo names for baby boys are so unique with deeper meanings attached to their names.

Unique Igbo names for boys and their meanings

Naming a baby is beyond a mere means of identification to many parents of African origin. This is mainly because of the cultural and religious background of the African root.

However, the Igbo people, from the southeastern part of Nigeria attach more meanings to a name. They have the belief that one’s name follows them all through their lifetime. The meaning of one’s name is capable of bringing either good luck or ill luck to the person. Thus, most of the Igbo names have these connotative meanings or attributes to good fortune or prefixes such as ”Chi, Chukwu”. All in appreciation to God the creator of the universe.

The Igbos do not also leave out the events behind the conception or the birth of a child while choosing a name for a baby boy. This is of paramount importance as it is believed that the concept of a name should impact positively on a child.

Igbo names for boys and their meanings

We have carefully put together the list of unique Igbo names for boys and their meanings for you. We hope you fancy a beautiful name for your baby boy from our long list below.


  • Afamuefuna – My name will not be lost
  • Akachukwu – Hand of God
  • Achebe – Protected by the goddess
  • Abaeze – Branch of King
  • Azubuike – The past is your strength
  • Akaolisa – God’s hand
  • Akaeze – King’s hand
  • Akunna – Father’s wealth
  • Amobi – No one knows the heart of a man
  • Amarachi – God’s grace
  • Bunyerechi- Leave with God
  • Chibuike – God is my strength
  • Chukwuebuka – God is great
  • Chialuka – God has done great
  • Chiemerie – God has won
  • Chukwuma – God knows
  • Chukwudumaga – God leads me through
  • Chinaka – God decides
  • Chizitere- Godsent
  • Chikwado- God has approved it
  • Chioke – God the creator
  • Chijioke – God’s gift
  • Chima – God knows
  • Chinedu – God leads
  • Chidiebere – God is merciful
  • Chibueze – God is king
  • Chidozie – God perfects
  • Chigozirim – God has blessed me
  • Chukwuemeka – God has done me well
  • Chukwunoye- God be with us
  • Chideraa – What God has written
  • Chibunna – God is my father
  • Chidindu – God is alive
  • Chika – God is great
  • Chiemeka – God has done marvellous
  • Chieloka- God is thoughtful
  • Chibuzo – God leads
  • Chiazo – God saves
  • Chijindu- God gives life
  • Chibidoro- God holds life
  • Deberechi- Lean on God

More unique Igbo names for boys

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Names And Their Meanings

  • Ekenenna – Thanks to God
  • Enyinnaya- Friend of his father
  • Emeka – Excellence deeds
  • Esomchi- Following the footsteps of the Lord
  • Ekenedirichukwu – Thanks to God
  • Ezeudo- The king of peace
  • Ezechi – Good God
  • Ebubechukwu- The glory of God
  • Echezonanna- Don’t forget the Lord
  • Ebubedike- The glory of God
  • Ejidike – He who holds a hero
  • Ejike – A hero
  • Ezesinachi – Kingship is from above
  • Ejikeme- Is not by power
  • Febechi – Worship God
  • Febenna – Worship your father
  • Ikechukwu – God’spower
  • Ikenna – Power of God
  • Ikedi – There’s power
  • Ikechi- Power of God
  • Ifeanyichukwu- None is greater than
  • Iheanacho- One who never forgets the Lord
  • Ifemyulunna- What I have asked God
  • Ifechi – Light of God
  • Ifechrist- Light of Christ
  • Igwebuike- Unity in a multitude
  • Ifechikwadoro- What God has destined
  • Ifeadigo – Light has come
  • Ikenna – Power of the father
  • Kennechukwu- ThankGod
  • Kaetochukwu- Let’s praise God
  • Kambili- Do not lose hope
  • Kamsiyonna- As I have asked God
  • Kachimezu- May God complete it
  • Lebechi – Look unto the Lord
  • Lebeife – Behold the light
  • Lotachukwu – Do not forget God
  • Lotanna- Remember your father

More beautiful Igbo names for boys

NAMES And Their Meanings

  • Munachimso – My God walks with me
  • Maduka- Humans are more valuable
  • Machie – Replacement of treasure
  • Nnaemeke- My father has done well
  • Nnadi- Father is alive
  • Nwabueze- A child is the king
  • Nchedochukwu- God’s protection
  • Nwaolisa- Child of God
  • Ugwu- Moutain
  • Nwabugwu- A child is a thing of pride
  • Ndubuisi- Life is important
  • Ndubueze- Life is king
  • Nwadiaso- A child is holy
  • Nwachukwu- Child of God
  • Obinna – Father’s heart
  • Obiajulu – My mind is at rest
  • Onochie- One who replaces his father
  • Obimnaetochukwu – My heart praises God
  • Obiefuna- Let my name not vanish
  • Okorie- Born on Orie market day
  • Ogechukwu- God’s time
  • Oguchinalurum- God fights for me
  • Ozoemena- Never again
  • Ochudo- He who makes peace
  • Ogugua- Consolation
  • Onyekachi – Who is bigger than God?
  • Okenna- Father’s share
  • Olisaeloka- God has taught well
  • Onyedikachi – Who is like God?
  • Okoro- Strong man
  • Ogbonna- Father’s mate
  • Onyeneke- Who creates?
  • Tobechukwu- Praise God
  • Tobenna- Praise the father
  • Uchenna – Father’s will
  • Uchechukwu- God’s will

I hope you make a choice of name for your baby boy from the above listed unique Igbo names for boys.

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